Lions Hunger Relief

Past District Governor
Camilus Fernando PMJF

We are dedicated to bringing positive changes in the lives of the poor who have no way of earning their day-to-day living.

This Humanitarian Service program was introduced to raise the funds from donors for use of eradicating hunger among underserved and underprivileged people in our communities.

The donations received are used to create self-employment for the said segment of the people to earn their own bread and butter.

The project’s main objective is,  rather than feeding hunger temporarily, to bring a total solution to avoid hunger more effectively and appropriately by creating self- employment opportunities for them.

We may not be able erradicate the hunger completely, but with your little donation provided by SKIPPING ONE OF THE  MAIN MEALS out of 90 Meals per month and remitting the value of such meal would be helped us to meet our objective of this valuable project efficiently.

Be compassionate and help us to help the poor more effectively and meaningfully.

Our Leaders

Hunger is a problem without borders. We’re offering grants, programs and initiatives to help Lions make huge strides in providing meals and nutrition for those in need—in hopes that one day no child will ever have to live without knowing when their next meal will come.


Dr Anoma Wijeyasinghe

District Governor

Placidus M Peter

First Vice District Governor

Rajitha I Rodrigo

Second Vice District Governor

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There are nearly one billion people across the world that experience food insecurity. No one can truly understand the devastating physical and emotional impact of hunger unless they experience it.


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When you become a Lion, you become part of a global network of volunteers working together to make a difference.

When caring people join together, roll up their sleeves and take action to make their community better, it’s a beautiful thing—and an incredible feeling for everyone involved.