We have our own hunger Relief Project introduced by Lions Clubs International District 306 B1 in year 2018/2018 . Most of the people go to sleep in hunger with out having a decent meal due to their poverty. We have wasted tons of food where some one in some where compelled to eats Dog food.

We can use your contribution and create self employments opportunities for poor at least to earn their bread and butter. Let them go to sleep as you and me, and not in hunger. Their tears may not dry their eyes.


Hunger keeps most of them silent. They do not cry for food. They feel embarrassed and shy. But hunger does not. It can lead an innocent person to become a robber or a criminal. Especially parents , when they become helpless to feed their children. They do not hesitate to do anything in this world to find food for their loving Children. By wasting food we create unseen environment not spoken by us. Sacrifices a meal, donate the value of it and let a person in hunger to have ameal to relief his or her hunger.

Their faces will not hide. Let us bring a smile to their face and Heart. Let us help them to live and find a way for them for a better life. What we need to donate value of a one meal you sacrificed once a Month.

One million good hearted people do this kind act would save Millions in hunger. One dollar by one kind person can create one million Dollars. That is enough to find self employment for so many needy people to find their meals.
Order your food from restaurants and Hotels only for your required quantity to fill your belly. Not to show off and waste money and food. You can share that with poor people for their survival.

Do not think twice, let us do the best what we can do. Please join and help us to help the Poor.

Thank you!

Past District Governor Lion Camilus Fernandp PMJF
Founder of the Project for Lions Clubs International District 306 B 1


We achieve our goal with your generous donations world wide to provide COVID-19 affected people of Sri Lanka

Curtail & Control the Hunger

Every living being including humans are need food for their very survival. Human beings are not born to die in starvation but have a right to life. Today, so many human beings, mainly children are dying of hunger for no fault of theirs and for reasons beyond their control. We waste much food at home and the Hotels not realizing that what we waste could alleviate the hunger of thousands innocent children in our communities.

We as members of the Lions fraternity have a great responsibility to contribute towards the alleviation of hunger if we only pause for a while to think how best we could do so. Surprisingly, we could discover that the answers in front of us are many.

Let us get together and extend our contribution towards those who are in need of food. Let us think of the ways that we could manage our waste or excess food and let those monies unnecessarily spent be converted to the creation of a source of income for under privileged families at least to earn their bread and butter.


  • Skip a meal out of your main 90 meals per month
  • Donate value of skipped meal for relief of hunger
  • Do not Donate without skipping a meal
  • Feel the hunger of the people in hunger